COVID-19 - We're here to help

Covid-19 Pandemic Update 23/07/2020

We are delighted to be finally welcoming visitors to the Algarve after what has been, an extremely difficult period for all involved. It has been very quiet here without you and we are extremely Thankful for the support all of our clients have given to us at Rent Villas Algarve and Portugal.

We are regularly checking updates from the FCO (Foreign-Commonwealth-Office) and their advice regarding safe travel and are very hopeful that over the coming weeks, the present FCO travel restrictions will be lifted and holidays operating as normal (In this case your holiday will be subject to our usual booking-conditions)

We understand you may have concerns about travelling at the moment and want to reassure all our clients that our main priority remains your well-being and safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic

For bookings from 1st August onwards, we ask that you continue to pay your balance payment as per your original dates and our booking conditions, Failure to do so can result in your holiday being cancelled due to Non-payment and your travel insurance being void.

Should current FCO travel restrictions not be lifted, we can discuss the possibility of a change of dates for your booking with the individual Villa/ Apartment owners. This would be entirely at their discretion and cannot be guaranteed. Should a change of dates not be possible, and you decide to cancel your holiday accommodation booked with us, we can assist by providing you with the necessary paperwork to reclaim your non-refundable deposit and/or balance  payment via your travel insurance provider. If your travel insurance was taken out at the time of booking or before the 13th March and you have continued to make your payments for the holiday as per your booking confirmation, it is likely that any cancellations charges that have arisen as a result of FCO travel restrictions in place due to the covid-19 pandemic, will be covered by your provider. However, we advise that you check your policy to confirm.

Rest assured, we will do all we can to assist you should you be advised against travel.

During your holiday in the Algarve, please see the below guidelines set out by the Portuguese government for all residents and visitors to Portugal when going out and about in your holiday resort.


  • All Portuguese beach have been allocated a maximum number of people allowed at any one time, determined by the size of the beach. This information should be displayed at the beach access point and is monitored by the maritime police. Avoid beaches of high occupation - A useful website/ App has been developed to find out the live capacity of beaches throughout Portugal which we recommend you using.

  • Social distancing of 1.5m between people that are not of the same group.
  • Maximum of 5 people per Umbrella
  • Distancing of 3 meters between umbrellas for people of different groups.
  • Sports of more than 2 people are not permitted
  • Rental of sun loungers is likely to be for half day periods only.


  • Restaurants are open and able to host 50% of its usual occupancy
  • Masks must be worn by customers when entering the restaurant or visiting the restrooms. Whilst seated at the table, masks are not required
  • Waiting staff are required to wear masks whilst serving clients.
  • Tables should be arranged to provide an adequate distance between diners
  • Dining on exterior terraces is encouraged.

Condominium shared swimming pools

  • A physical distance of 3 meters is recommended between people who are not of the same group.
  • The use of sunbeds/chairs has been reduced to half the normal capacity
  • Footwear must be used in outdoor showers and when walking around the pool area.
  • The use of masks is recommended when walking to and from the pool area.
  • Equipment including Inflatable beds, balls etc is prohibited

Shops/ supermarkets

  • All shopping centres, supermarkets and shops are now open with a reduced capacity depending on the area, this may be regulated by a member of staff at the shop entrance.
  • Masks must be worm inside shops and/or shopping centres that are enclosed.

In your rental accommodation

Be assured that all our team have received additional training regarding the preparation of the properties for your health and safety while you are here on your holiday.